At the end of July 2021 after over 30 years of working in the financial services industry, James moved on to a well-earned retirement – and chose for his business to be adopted by Lee Glennan of Glennan Wealth Management.

“I have known Lee and the Team at Glennan Wealth Management both personally and professionally for the best part of 20 years and that is why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to my clients.”


“Some kind words from happy clients of James Glasheen Independent Financial Consultant”

“James has been advising me for well over a decade on all aspects of financial planning and he has always acted with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

He always takes time to explain things in easy to understand terms, which is particularly beneficial to the layman.

I find James to be very easy to get on with and he is always readily available for a meeting to discuss things should the need arise.

I have no hesitation in recommending James Glasheen to anyone who requires good, sound, no nonsense, financial advice.”

Chris Pearson

Get Financial Freedom With James Glasheen Financial Planning Ltd Huddersfield

“James has provided good, sensible and robust advice to me over many years, which has both saved and made me money. For me these are the perfect attributes of a Financial Advisor.

His depth of knowledge is immense and he always has time to consider an idea or proposal. I would not hesitate to recommend his services and indeed already have to a number of colleagues.”

Michelle Hazelwood

Partner @ Gaunt Solicitors

“To date James has sorted out all of my pensions, business insurance and mortgage – and on every occasion his service has been second to none.

He is always punctual to appointments, discusses all of my options and their merits and weaknesses in a language I understand and always gets back to me with advice and recommendations very promptly.”

Mark Holloway

“James will take the time to explain whatever you are working on in great detail until you understand the implications of you mortgages, investment or pension.

James is patient, which is good for myself as financial advice is not something I deal with every day. So it’s quite a learning curve for me sometimes.

James is punctual, reliable and always returns my call/messages however busy he may be.

It’s a pleasure doing business with James.”

Glenn Stableford

Owner - Staplefords Ltd

“James is a very professional financial advisor, pleasant to deal with and has a nice easy going but very knowledgeable approach. I would recommend him to anybody.”

Adrian Jagger

“James has a style and personality that made me feel comfortable. He explains the complex in a ‘simple’ way making it easier to understand.”

Brian Keighley

“We have had financial advice from IFA’s for many years and until the last five years or so have been very satisfied with the continuity of service and the quality of the advice given. Unfortunately, about five years ago our adviser retired “I know my job well, but all these new regulations and examinations are just too much for me. I am off.”

We then went through a pretty disastrous period when the big firms just seemed to wade in, appoint / impose a new adviser, who then gave confusing and conflicting advice … and who then left the firm with very little notice.

James was the first adviser to really take time to try to understand our finances, discuss our views, and then produce a spreadsheet which made sense of it all. I understand that he came from a small firm background, but he had also been taken over. When he left this firm he took the time to explain the reasons why he was so doing and we decided to follow him to try to maintain the continuity and the trust we had established.

We have not been disappointed since, quite the reverse.”

Jim Newmark

“James really knows his stuff. He’s looked after mine and my company’s pension investments and healthcare provisions for some years now and I would recommend his services in these fields wholeheartedly.”

Andy Jennings

Director of HJCE Limited

“James gives sound practical advice, which is impartial. He is fully up to date with recent legislation which might affect his clients and never pressurises us to follow any course of action we are not totally happy with.

He is professional, courteous and has a great sense of humour too! He keeps clients informed and gives regular reviews and helpful financial planning. He has integrity and my trust.”

Helen Varley

“I was put in touch with James during my separation and subsequent divorce.

James spent considerable time and expertise on helping me to arrange a complicated pension split with my ex-husband. He helped me to understand what was going on and willingly provided additional expertise when required.

I am currently still working and have not needed to access the financial products James has set up for me. I’m confident I have made the correct choice of products which have been explained clearly to me.”

Sue Hawley

“James has been advising me on retirement planning.

“He has an approach that I haven’t come across before because the emphasis isn’t on pensions, it’s on what sort of lifestyle you want to enjoy and then on how he can help you to achieve that. It’s a very different and refreshing way to look at it.

“He is able to explain complex things in layman’s terms so that they are easy for me to understand and he uses the latest software and technology to illustrate different scenarios and potential outcomes which make our discussions more meaningful and supports decision making.

“James always conducts himself with integrity and professionalism and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

Paul Thompson

“We have dealt with James over a number of years looking after our investments. He is totally reliable and consider him to be skilled and professional. We would not hesitate in recommending him for financial planning.”

Philip Heywood

“I have had a long term relationship with James that has been based on trust and mutual respect. He has always been sensitive to my needs and takes my own individual circumstances and specific financial aims into account.

“I receive ongoing advise to ensure my aims and objectives are achieved and my income and capital needs are met. I have no hesitation in recommending James Glasheen to anyone.”

Margaret Thompson