Cash Management

“An Effective Cash Management System to help maximise the value of your cash deposits”
We provide an Effective Cash Management System to enable people, businesses, trusts, charities, power of attorneys (& court deputies), pensions, clubs and associations maximise the value they receive from ALL cash deposits.

We strive to deliver the best information, on the best savings products available within the UK. But we only provide information on savings accounts that are registered under licence with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme by companies with a strong trading presence within the UK.

We not only provide a system, we also show you how to structure your deposits to get the most out of them.

Everyone should maximise the value of their deposits because the returns are guaranteed and without any risk to capital so long as your deposit levels remain within the limits defined by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. (FSCS)

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The 4 Principles of Effective Cash Management

There are 4 simple principles to Effective Cash Management:

  • Maximise the rate of interest earned
  • Protect your savings with the Financial Services Compensations Scheme
  • Retain the amount you require over the next 12 months on Instant Access
  • Build a portfolio of Fixed Term accounts with the balance

Manging to these principles will mean you will always have access to capital and you will never be more than 12 months away from a new tranche of money.

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